Classic Victoria sponge (with all the trimmings!)

Another recipe from Jamie Oliver’s fabulous book Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook. This one is a classic Victoria sponge, with all the trimmings! Surprisingly good for my first attempt at a sponge cake. The trick with getting this sponge cake just right is triple-sifting the flour and a light gentle folding of the mixture, but not overdoing it.

Filled with raspberry jam, raspberries, and overflowing with lemon vanilla cream, this cake proves the point that you can never have “too much cream”!

2 thoughts on “Classic Victoria sponge (with all the trimmings!)

    • You can find it in Jamie’s book Cook with Jamie. Such an incredibly useful resource for someone starting out in the kitchen; so many useful tips on every aspect of cooking! Definitely recommended to any aspiring cook/home chef!

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